M. Ángeles Urbaneja

Lecturer (UPV/EHU)

- PhD in Biochemistry, University of Basque Country, 1984
Title: Interaction of lipidic bilayer with Triton X-100, a non-ionic surfactant
Supervisor: F.M. Goñi

- MSc in Biology, University of Basque Country, 1981

- PI (in collaboration with Dr S. Bañuelos) of Insights into the structure, function and nucleocytoplasmic traffic of nuclear proteins Group, UB, UPV/EHU-CSIC, since 2008

- Researcher of Molecular Chaperons Group, UB, UPV/EHU-CSIC, 1998-2008

- Researcher at AIDS Vaccine Programme, NCI-Frederick, Frederick, MD, USA, 1995-2000

- Researcher of Biomembranes Group, UPV/EHU, 1987- 1994

- Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Physical Chemistry under supervision of Dr D. Chapman, Royal Free Hospital, London, England, 1985-1986
Research Interests

- Structural and thermodynamics approaches of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.

- Searching of pharmacological chaperones that (de)stabilize nuclear proteins.