Emilio J. Cocinero

Senior Researcher

Emilio J. Cocinero completed his Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry in 2005 at the University of Valladolid (Spain), in the Molecular Spectroscopic Group (GEM) led by Prof. Alonso. In 2008, his thesis work, based on the study of the structure of amino acids by microwave spectroscopy, was recognized with a University prize to the best Ph. D. doctoral work conducted at the University of Valladolid. In 2006 he moved to Oxford University and worked with Professor John P. Simons, to join the internationally leading research group studying carbohydrates in the gas phase. In January 2009 he joined the University of the Basque Country, where he leads a research group focused on solving various structural problems of Chemistry at atomic level, in particular, the study of biomolecules, including sugars, peptides and drugs, generated and stabilized in the gas phase. His career has been recognized with several prizes. In spite of his youth (40 years), Emilio J. Cocinero has published >100 papers (53 papers (including 1 Nature, 1 Nature Commun., 5 Angewandte, 2 JACS, 1 Chem. Sci., 5 J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 1 Astrophys. J., 1 Chem. Comm. and 7 Chem – Eur. J.) in the last five years (2013-2017)) and his work has been recognized as winner of the Flygare Award (2015) for outstanding contributions in molecular spectroscopy by an early career independent scientist. In 2012 the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) awarded Dr. Cocinero the SIGMA-ALDRICH prize for the best scientific career of a Spanish young researcher and the SusChem society also awarded him the POSTDOC SusChem prize for the best scientific publication in 2011 conducted by a Spanish young researcher in any area of Chemistry. Recently he was also awarded the Prize of the Spanish Biophysical Society 2017 for his outstanding contributions in molecular spectroscopy. Finally, Emilio J. Cocinero was elected President of Young Chemical Researchers (JIQ) of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry in 2014.

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