Strategic Plans

The strategic objectives of BIOFISIKA are well aligned with the principles of the PCTi-2015 and the Basque Science Policies. They are in accordance with the six aims of the PCTi-2015, namely:

  1. Generation of knowledge. BIOFISIKA will primarily promote and support frontier knowledge that contributes to solve societal challenges and promotes innovative actions.
  2. Advance to a knowledge economy. BIOFISIKA will emphasize the need of translational science and the transfer of technology for the exploitation of the generated knowledge. In addition, by creating Technological Platforms, will potentiate its strategic position as an economic stakeholder by contributing to provide the needed innovation.
  3. To design an integrative governance system oriented to results. BIOFISIKA is aware that research Centre must deliver and that their performance must be objectively evaluated by results-oriented indicators, and will implement this policy as a long term objective, giving time to its research teams to accommodate with this vision.
  4. Valorise the R&D capacities. BIOFISIKA believes that knowledge is an valuable asset and will capitalize it as a central capacity of its R&D program.
  5. Market-oriented focus. BIOFISIKA aims to set the bases for exploiting the generated technology through the implementation of technological platforms with a clear market orientation.
  6. Public-private collaborations to maximize the R&D investment. BIOFISIKA will strengthen the collaborations with private partners with the aim of funnelling the technology transfer. This is essential for ensuring the exploitation of the generated frontier knowledge.

Taken together, BIOFISIKA ambitions to become a reference Centre on translational biophysics that is unquestionably sensitive to societal needs, and is actively involved in investigating these challenges and transferring innovative solutions that contribute to solve them.


Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Strategic Plan 2014-2017 summary