Translational research

One of the strategic objectives of  BIOFISIKA is to achieve scientific excellence in frontier and translational science in the field of biophysics and their application in the areas of biotechnology and health. The Centre aims at serving as a channel for bringing the interest of basic research in biophysics closer to the productive and service sectors of our society.

The implementation of the translational and technology transfer actions include among other actions:

  • Creation of spin-offs.
  • Promotion of a translational research program in conjunction with the University and Hospitals, which facilitate the translation of our scientific achievements to a clinical level, meeting the clinical demand of basic science.
  • Creation and establishment of the Technological Platforms as exclusive initiatives aimed to be the basis of a technology transfer program, which will include the current capacities of the Institute, and those that will be generated
  • Creation of a Business Advisory Board (BAB) composed of recognized entrepreneurs and industrial representatives. The BAB will annually evaluate the transfer technology program of the Centre and provide guidance of how to proceed to achieve the projected objectives and milestones.
  • Creation of a Clinical Translational Committee (CTC). Research Centres need to approach clinical setting to understand the current challenges requiring strong research and to initiate collaboration for addressing these problems. CTC will promote, follow-up and periodically evaluate this activity in the Centre.