BIOFISIKA aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as an external partner, as well as to offer their Instrumentation Platforms and know-how to the Public Research Institutions. BIOFISIKA can both act as a service provider or as a collaborator in the SME innovation project. Being focused in Biological Membranes and Proteins Biophysics studies, BIOFISIKA can offer its expertise to Pharmacological, Cosmetics, Nutraceutical and Food Industries, as well as to R&D Institutions, being also open to any proposal from any other innovation area or industry.

 For this purpose, BIOFISIKA expects to launch new Technological Platforms that will offer its services to the industry and the academia under a pay-per use model or under a joint-venture collaborative model. Due to its highly applied orientation, these platforms will be designed to offer its services many companies from the Biotech and Pharmacological sector as well as Public Research Institutions.