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Challenging the state of the art in protein structure prediction: Highlights of experimental target structures for the 10th Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction Experiment CASP10.

A. Kryshtafovych, J. Moult, P. Bales, J.F. Bazan, M. Biasini, A. Burgin, C. Chen, F.V. Cochran, T.K. Craig, R. Das, D. Fass, C. Garcia-Doval, O. Herzberg, D. Lorimer, H. Luecke, X. Ma, D.C. Nelson, M.J. van Raaij, F. Rohwer, A. Segall, V. Seguritan, K. Zeth and T. Schwede.

Proteins 82 Suppl 2, 26-42 (2014).