PhD Program

The PhD Program offered by the UPV/EHU in which the doctoral thesis conducted in BIOFISIKA are framed is the PhD Program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (adapted to RD 99/2011).

The PhD Program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine stands out by its high performance in terms of doctoral theses produced and the quality of the research history of the teachers and researchers who have directed doctoral theses in the PhD program in the last five years. Most publications derived from the doctoral theses are in the first quartile of the respective specialties.

The PhD program is structured around five research teams investigating the molecular and cellular basis affecting different biochemical, physiological, genetic and biotechnological processes in both normal and pathological conditions:

Team I: Biophysics
The Biophysics Group corresponds to the professors and researchers of BIOFISIKA (joint center CSIC-UPV/EHU). The research area is physical biochemistry, with a particular focus in membranes and proteins.

Team II: CIC-bioGUNE

The objective of CIC-bioGUNE is to understand the biological fundamental mechanisms underlying the regulation of living organisms.

Team III: Molecular Genetics

Professors and researchers included in the group of Molecular Genetics are a marked multidisciplinary team whose research activity is organized around the study of the molecular aspects of genetic analysis, with a strong emphasis on issues related to animal and human health and pathology.

Team IV: Molecular Pathophysiology
The main focus of this research group is the knowledge of lipid metabolism, its modifications (both enzymatic and non-enzymatic), and the description of large-scale molecular species that are part of the different study models by using lipidomics.

Team V: Cell Signalling, Proteomics and Biotechnology
Professors who make up this multidisciplinary group develop their research in different fields: Cell signaling, development and use of nanotechnologies based on the use of biocatalysts, proteomic analysis of various aspects of cell cycle regulation, and the neurodegenerative disease caused by glaucoma .

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Molecular Biology and Biomedicine PhD Program

Molecular Biology and Biomedicine PhD Program