Open Innovation

The Open Innovation Platform of BIOFISIKA aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as an external partner. We can both act as a service provider or as a collaborator in the SME innovation project.

The Open Innovation Platform of BIOFISIKA combines a multidisciplinary team of top qualified scientists and technicians arranged in two Research Areas (Molecular Biophysics and Cellular and Systems Biophysics) with last generation equipments arranged in four Technological Platforms, offering a wide range of tailored solutions for innovative biotechnological projects.

BIOFISIKA offers four instrumentation units for its Open Innovation Platform:

1.       Molecular And Cellular Imaging Platform:

The Advanced Optical Microscopy (AOM) Platform offers state-of-the-art technology and specialised know-how for image acquisition and analysis for quantitative imaging studies on cells, such as the quantification of molecular interactions in living cells, or biophysical studies such as lipid-order imaging. The AOM is endowed with confocal and two-photon microscopes and time-resolved detectors to perform FRET-FLIM, point and scanning FCS and Generalised Polarisation studies on living cells and model membranes.

2.       Drug Discovery And Delivery Platform:

A High Throughput Screening (HTS) Unit to design robust and accurate in vitro screening assays for Drug Discovery and Drug Repurposing. The platform posses the equipment to both test single compounds and screen chemical libraries for hit identification and lead validation. The Drug Discovery and Delivery Platform offer also an Electrophysiology Unit and a Quimeric Vaccines Production Unit. The Drug Delivery Unit exploits both the equipments and the know-how of the Unit of Biophysics Scientists to design and test new and effective Drug Delivery Systems.

3.       Protein Expression and Structure Platform:

The Biophysics Unit offers up to seven Equipment Units to produce proteins both in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems and to study and characterize the protein structure and biophysical properties. The Protein Expression and Structure Platform includes the following Units:

Centrifugation and simple concentration Unit

Microcalorimetric Analysis Unit

Chromatography Unit

Image Acquisition, Treatment and Documentation Unit

Spectroscopy Unit

Crystallography Unit

4.       System Biophysics Platform:

The Biophysics Unit offers a customized bioinformatics service through its Bioinformatics Unit. This service is mainly oriented to biophysical studies and drug-discovery, but the Biophysics Unit is open to any kind of bioinformatic studies proposals.

Main Advantages:

Collaboration with BIOFISIKA offers a technological breakthrough that can make the difference against competitors and boost the production of innovative projects.   BIOFISIKA posses a singular collection of equipments that are key to successfully conduct innovative projects in the Biophysics Area. The costs of the equipments, its maintenance and the high requirements of formation for its use difficult SMEs to the access and implement this kind of techniques in isolated projects. Outsourcing of SMEs innovation projects through the Open Innovation Platform is the more convenient way to undertake new projects and increase the probability of success.

The access to the accumulated know-how of the scientists of BIOFISIKA constitutes another advantage of outsourcing innovation projects to the Open Innovation Platform. The time needed to acquire the know-how and experience in each area is another invaluable asset of the Unit of Biophysics that can be accessed through the Open Innovation Platform to gain a competitive advantage for SMEs in their innovative projects.

The technological offer of the Open Innovation Platform covers a wide range of biophysical techniques, equipments and in house developed assays. All the Technological Platforms offered by the Unit of Biophysics are complementary, so a wide covering of the activities needed inside a project is highly guaranteed.

Applicability of the technology:

The Open Innovation Platform of BIOFISIKA offers its services to provide advice, outsource services or establish collaborations with:

–          Biotech Companies

–          Pharmaceutical Companies

–          Nutraceutical Companies

–          Functional Food Companies

–          R&D Groups (from research centers, Universities…)

–          Foundations

The Open Innovation Platform of BIOFISIKA will study the proposal and elaborate a tailor made project to adapt to the customer needs.