Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

Fundación Biofísica Bizkaia,  in compliance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI-CE).

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In compliance with Law 34/2002 dated 11th of July, on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI-CE), FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA (hereon FBB) reports it is holder of the website In conformity with the requirements stated in the mentioned Law, article 10 of such Law, FBB provides the following information:

The owner of this website is FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA holding Company VAT Number    G-95453775 with registered office at BARRIO SARRIENA S/N 48940, LEIOA (BIZKAIA), recorded in the Basque Country Foundation Registry with number F-202. For any further information access the page of the Basque Country Foundation Registry.

The electronic address to contact the company is:


User and scheme of responsibilities

Browsing, accessing and using the FBB website entail the condition of user, therefore you accept, by browsing through the FBB website, the conditions of use herewith established without prejudice of applying the relevant regulation legally mandatory where appropriate.

The FBB website provides a broad range of information, services and data. The user undertakes responsibility on the correct use of the website. This responsibility will include:

  • The application of accuracy and lawfulness of the information provided by the user on the forms issued by FBB to access certain contents or services offered by the web.
  • The use of the information, services and data provided by FBB opposed to what is stated in these conditions, in the Law, moral standards and good customs or public order, or that in any way may pose infringement of rights of third parties or of the website’s own functioning.


Linking policy and exemptions of liability

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA is not liable for the content of the websites to which the user may access through the links set in their website and declares that under no circumstances will they proceed to examine or exercise any kind of control on the content of other sites on the web. Likewise, they will not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, truthfulness, validity or legality of the sites that are not their property accessible through the links.

FBB declares having taken all the appropriate measures to prevent any damage to their website users that may result from the browsing of their website. Accordingly, FBB accepts no liability, under no circumstances, of the possible damages the user may suffer when browsing by Internet.



FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA reserves the right to make amendments deemed necessary on the website content without notice. Both as regards to the content of the website and in terms of use. Such amendments may be made through the website or any other acceptably legal way and will be of mandatory compliance while posted on the web and until they are not subsequently validly amended by others.


Data Protection

In compliance with the provisions set forth in the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you that your data will be included in the data-processing system owned by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA holding Company VAT No. G-95453775 and addressed at  BARRIO SARRIENA S/N 48940, LEIOA (BIZKAIA), in order to  facilitate, speed up and fulfil the commitments set between both parties. In accordance with the current regulation, FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA informs the data will be kept for the strictly necessary time to comply with the before-stated provisions.

If you do not declare otherwise, we understand your data has not been amended, that you commit to notifying any changes and you grant us permission to use them for the mentioned purposes.

The FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA informs it will process the data in a licit, loyal, transparent, adequate, relevant, limited, accurate and updated way. To this avail the FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA commits to taking all the reasonable steps when the data is inaccurate to erase or rectify it without delay.

In accordance with the rights the current regulation vests on data protection, you may exercise the rights to access, rectify, limit processing, erase, of portability and of opposition to the personal data-processing, as well as of the consent provided for the processing of them, by forwarding your request to the above-mentioned postal address or either through electronic mail

You may appeal to the competent Control Authority to present the appropriate claim.

The submission of this data implies that you agree to this clause.

Furthermore, FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA informs that regarding the data included on the forms on the website they will be responsible for the data and they will adopt the technical and organizational measures required, depending on the level of security of the collected data, established in the data protection regulation, to guarantee the personal information is secure and prevent its alternation, loss, unauthorised treatment o access.


Intellectual and Industrial Property

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA, as owner or as grantee, is holder of all its website intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as the elements contained on it (including, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programmes required to operate, access and use, etc.) owned by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA.   Therefore they will be works protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal bodies, being of application both the Spanish and Community law in this field, such as the international treaties regarding this matter and signed by Spain.

All rights reserved. In pursuance with the Intellectual Property Law, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute and publicly disseminate, including the means of making available, of all or part of the contents of this web-page for commercial purposes, in any format and by any technical means, without being authorised by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA.

The user commits to respecting the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property owned by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA. Viewing the items on the site and even printing, copying and storing them in your computer’s hard drive or any other hardware is allowed, provided it is only and exclusively, for personal and private use. The user must not delete, alter, evade or manipulate any protection device or security system installed on the FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA’s pages.


Legal actions, applicable law and jurisdiction

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA also reserves the right to present civil or criminal actions deemed relevant due to the inappropriate use of their web-page and contents or due to the non-compliance to these conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider will be governed by the regulation in force and that is applied within the Spanish territory. In the event of a dispute, the parties will submit their conflicts to arbitration or go to ordinary jurisdiction, complying with the relevant rules on jurisdiction and competence. FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA has its address in BIZKAIA, Spain.



As stated in the article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 dated 11th of July on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI-CE), FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA (hereon FBB) informs on the cookies used on our website:

  • Own technical cookies
  • Third party analytic cookies (Google Analytics)

Google Analytics: They store cookies to draw up statistics on traffic and volume of visits to the web. When using the website you consent Google to process your information. Therefore, the exercise of any right to this avail has to be reported directly to Google.

The Google Analytics cookies are stored in servers located in the United States and they commit not to sharing it with third parties, except when it is needed for the system to work or mandatory by law. As per Google your IP address is not kept.

Google Inc. is a company adhered to «Privacy Shield” that guarantees that all the transferred data will be processed under a protection level according to European standards. You may inquire on detailed information to this avail on the following link:

If required you can use the Opt-out Browser Add-on for Google Analytics browsers through their instructions analytic cookies of such service can be rejected on all the browsers.  Further information may be found on this matter on the following link:

Furthermore, FBB informs the user that there is an option to configure your browser in such a way that it reports on the reception of cookies, if possible preventing them from being installed in your hard drive.

Next, the links to several browsers are provided, through which the mentioned configuration can be set up:



In compliance with the provisions set forth in the current regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDRP) and Law 34/2002, dated the 11th of July, on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI-CE), FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA informs the users, that it has proceeded to create a profile on Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with the main purpose of advertising their products and services.


The user has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA, in this way showing interest in the information advertised on the Network.  When joining our page, you provide your consent to process the personal data published on your profile.

The user can access the privacy policies of the own Social Network at any time, as well as set up their profile to guarantee their privacy.

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA has access and processes the user’s public information, in particular their contact name. This data is only used within the Social Network. They are not included in any file.

In regards with the rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose, you have available and can exercise before FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA in accordance with the GDRP, you should take the following nuances into consideration:

  • Access: Will be defined by functionality of the Social Network and the capability to access the information on the users’ profiles.
  • Rectification: Can only be met in regards to the information which is under the control of FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA, for instance, to erase published comments on the page itself. Usually, this right should be exercised before the Social Network.
  • Cancellation and/or Opposition: As previously mentioned, it can only be met in regards to the information which is under the control of FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA, for instance, unlinking from the profile.

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA will conduct the following actions: Access to the profile public information. Publish on the user’s profile all the information already published on the FUNDACION BIOFISICA BIZKAIA page. Send personal and individual messages via the Social Network channels. Page status updates that will be published in the user profile.

The user will always be able to control their connections, erase the contents they find uninteresting and restrict with whom they want to share their connections, to this avail they have to access their privacy setting.



The user, once linked to the FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA page, may publish their comments on it, as well as links, images or photographs or any other kind of multimedia content the Social Network supports. The user, in all cases, will be their holder, have the benefit of ownership and intellectual property or bear the consent of the concerned third parties. It is expressly forbidden to publish on the page, whether texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc. that breach or are liable to breach against morality, ethics, taste or decency, and/or infringe, violate or break the rights of intellectual or industrial property, the right to image or the Law. In these cases, FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA reserves the right to immediately remove the content, and may request permanent ban of the user.

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA will accept no liability for the contents that a user has freely published.

The user should be aware that their publications will be viewed by other users; therefore they will be held the main responsible for their privacy.

The images published on the page will not be stored by FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA in any file, but they will remain on the Social Network.


Contests and promotions

FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA reserves the right to conduct contests and promotions, in which the user, linked to the page, may participate. When the Social Network platform is used, all contest and promotion rules will be published on it. At all times it will complying with the LSSI-CE (Law on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services) and any other application regulation.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse nor administer, in any way, any of our promotions, nor is it associated to any of them.



FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA will use the Social Network to advertise their products and services, in the event your contact data was considered to be used in order to conduct direct actions of marketing purposes, it will always be in line with the legal requirements stated in the GDRP and the LSSI-CE (Law on Information Society & Electronic Commerce Services).

It is not contemplated as advertising when other users are recommended the FUNDACIÓN BIOFÍSICA BIZKAIA page so they can also benefit from the promotions or be updated on its activity.

Next we list the privacy policy links of the Social Networks: